SHOT BADGER, A Test of the UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE Series, 18 April 1953 [report]

Jeannie Massie, Carl Maag, Stephen Rohrer, Robert Shepanek
1982 unpublished
The volumes addressing the test events of Operation UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE have been designed to complement one another. The series volume describes those dimensions of Operation UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE that apply to the series as a whole, such as historical background, organizational relationships, and radiological safety procedures. In addition, that volume discusses the overall objectives of the operation, describes the geographic layout of the NPG, and contains a bibliography of works consulted in the
more » ... aration of all five Operation UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE reports. The single-shot volumes describe DOD participation in Shots BADGER and SIMON, and each multi-shot volume combines shotspecific descriptions for the other nuclear events of the UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE Series. The shot and multi-shot volumes list only the sources referenced in each text. Descriptions of activities concerning any particular shot in the UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE Series, whether the shot is addressed in a single-shot volume or in a multi-shot volume, should be supplemented by the general organizational and radiological safety information contained in the UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE Series volume. This volume is divided into four chapters: an introduction, two chapters on DOD activities, and a final chapter on radiation protection. It examines the activities of DOD personnel before, during, and after the BADGER event, focusing on their movements relative to the radiological environment. The procedures designed to ensure personnel safety, including exposure records indicating the effectiveness of those procedures, are Included in chapter 4 whenever that information is available. The information in this report is supplemented by the Reference Manual: Background Materials for the CONUS Volumes. The Reference Manual summarizes the basics of radiation physics, radiation health concepts, exposure criteria, and measurement techniques, as well as listing acronyms and terms used in the reports documenting nuclear test events in the continental United States.
doi:10.21236/ada121671 fatcat:thpkkiz3kfhcbondyorjiie2ka