Diversity of morpho-physicochemical traits in Iranian sour cherry genotypes using multivariate analysis

Samad Aliyoun Nazari, Jafar Hajilou, Mehrshad Zeinalabedini, Ali Imani
In this study, morpho-physicochemical characterization of sour cherry genotypes from Iran was investigated. Thirty-four morphological and eight physicochemical traits were recorded. Sour cherry genotypes had a high variability in traits related to fruit characters such as fruit weight, stone volume, total anthocyanin content and total soluble solid. As a result, sour cherry genotypes exhibit total phenolic content and antioxidant activity higher than "Ciganymeggy" and "Erdi botermo" cultivars.
more » ... otermo" cultivars. Principal component analysis (PCA) suggested that leaf dimensions, fruit weight, stone weight, and stone volume could be sufficient for the identification of genotypes. Hierarchical cluster analysis classified sour cherry genotypes and "Ciganymeggy" and "Erdi botermo" cultivars into two main clusters. The first cluster was characterized by a upright tree vigour, depressed fruit pistil end, reniform shape of fruit, high sweetness, dark red juice, flower high length and diameter, fruit and stone weight and length and diameter, total soluble solid, low total phenolic content, high total flavonoid content and high total anthocyanin content.
doi:10.13128/ahs-23517 fatcat:brlo5h2mu5b6bcgbgbpsgql3dm