Pharmacological Studies and Synthesis of Morpholino Alkyl Derivatives

Carmela Saturnino, Anna Capasso, Jean-Chanles Lancelot, Sylvain Rault, Mariafrancesca Buonerba, Giovanni De Martino
2002 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
Seven morpholin derivatives were synthesized (compounds 1-7) and their behavioural effects were evaluated; the elements considered were locomotor activity, motor coordination, catalepsy, stereotyped behaviour and antinociception. All the compounds, at doses of 10-20-40 mg/kg/i.p., induced a reduction of all behavioural elements without a significant antinociceptive effect. These results indicate that these morpholin derivatives affect the central nervous system.
doi:10.1248/cpb.50.1151 pmid:12237528 fatcat:lta4yqjadraeze4i3rz2kk4ivy