241-SY-101 air lance removal lessons learned [report]

T.L. Moore, P.A. Titzler
1994 unpublished
Name: TL Moore/PA Titzler APPROVED FCn t Signature^ / O^ 5~-t' Organization/Charge Code 7EA30/N2444 7. Abstract Lessons learned for air lance and thermocouple tree removal from the 241-SY-lOl tank. Pi^OSE AND USE OF DOCUMENT -This Jocument Mas prepared for use winun the U.S. Departmei^of Energy a^ its contractors.^^t is to be ^sed only to p^rorm, direct, ^^^ integrate J^lrk under U.S. ^oartment of Efjdrgy contracts. Thi^jpcument j^mot approved for pubmc release j^i I reviewed. PATENT ST/^US
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doi:10.2172/10192388 fatcat:o2dq6c5svrf7fmdap4efp7nsuy