Gesundheit – Markt – Gerechtigkeit

Franz Porzsolt, Uta Bittner, Kathrin Dengler, Berno Müller, Johannes Clouth
2011 zfwu. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik. Journal for Business, Economics and Ethics  
The three elements of the title intersect at three points which will be discussed from the perspective of three professions -medicine, economics, and ethics. The discussion of the nine emerging topics illustrates the chances and risks in this field of conflicting principles. As cryptonormative definitions are one of the most frequent sources of error, we try to be as transparent as possible in the use of different terms and thus to come to resilient conclusions.
doi:10.5771/1439-880x-2011-3-461 fatcat:wxjqfzghpjbklaeublozv4mogy