Genetic Polymorphism of Fusarium Culmorum Isolates Originating from Roots and Stem Bases of Barley

Lidia Irzykowska, Anna Baturo
2008 Journal of Plant Protection Research  
Fusarium culmorum is an etiologic agent of barley foot rot. The identification and variability evaluation of F. culmorum isolates, originating from roots and stem bases of spring barley, was carried out using molecular methods. Species-specific SCAR primers were successfully applied to identify F. culmorum isolates from northern and south-eastern Poland. To determine DNA polymorphism on intraspecies level RAPD technique was used. Twenty three RAPD markers revealed DNA polymorphism suitable to
more » ... sess genetic variation among isolates examined. Cluster analysis of RAPD data identified a few groups of isolates. In some cases grouping of isolates was correlated with their geographic origin.
doi:10.2478/v10045-008-0039-0 fatcat:lrr2ulj2tjfvxnkeiz2u7a7g74