Determination of crystallinity index of cellulose depending on sample preparation and analysis instruments
시료 조건 및 측정방법에 따른 셀룰로오스의 결정화도 평가

Jung-Eon Ahn, Hye-Jung Youn, Yang-Jin Joung, Tae-Young Kim
2012 Journal of Korea Technical Association of The Pulp and Paper Industry  
The crystallinity index is an important characteristic of cellulose. The crystallinity value is different depending on the adopted instrument. In this study, we determined a crystallinity index of cotton and wood celluloses using wide-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS), powder X-ray diffractometer (PXRD), and cross polarization/magic angle spinning solid-state 13 C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (CP/MAS solid-state 13 C NMR). The specimen was prepared in forms of powder, sheet and pallet.
more » ... th the comparison of the obtained crystallinity indices of the cellulose, the effects of the analysis instrument, the sample preparation and analysis method were investigated. Among three instruments, the crystallinity indices by PXRD and NMR had a good relationship and reproducibility, and WAXS gave the crystallinity index with poor reproducibility. In the case of analysis methods of crystallinity indices, the Segal method showed higher value than that of the Ruland-Vonk method. We expect that this study would be applicable to evaluate the crystallinity index of various cellulose materials with accuracy and reproducibility.
doi:10.7584/ktappi.2012.44.4.043 fatcat:lj4ktxwtifhgjewadola53js2a