A Facile Strategy to Prepare Shaped ZSM-5 Catalyst with Enhanced para-Xylene Selectivity and Stability for Toluene Methylation [post]

Yiren Wang, Yang Chang, Min Liu, Anfeng Zhang, Chunshan Song, Xinwen Guo
2017 unpublished
This work describes the catalytic performances of attapulgite/ZSM-5 extrudate in comparison to conventional alumina-bound ZSM-5 extrudate in toluene methylation. The novel attapulgite/ZSM-5 extrudate is prepared by using natural clay attapulgite as binder which introduces mobile alkaline species and macropores to the extrudate. In contrast to alumina-bound extrudate, this novel extrudate shows significantly higher para-selectivity and stability. By using characterization techniques, including
more » ... -situ XRD, SEM, NH3 temperature programmed desorption (TPD), thermogravimetric analysis and n-hexane/cyclohexane physical adsorption, the catalytic performance improvement of attapulgite/ZSM-5 extrudate is correlated with the neutralization of Brønsted acid sites by mobile alkaline species during calcination and reaction process. Moreover, a higher para-selectivity was obtained over attapulgite-bound modified ZSM-5 extrudate. The strategy of extruding ZSM-5 catalysts with attapulgite as binder is facile and universal. Such method paves a new way for preparation of shaped toluene methylation catalyst with enhanced para-selectivity and stability.
doi:10.20944/preprints201704.0009.v1 fatcat:xyloi6nsjfg5zkjngs2ypc7hmm