Evaluation of Atomization Timing and Optimal Water Content of a Water Emulsified Fuel Droplet

2020 Journal of Japan Society for Design Engineering  
The water emulsified fuel means that fuel is mixed with water and stabilized by surfactant. The fuel is expected to improve of Diesel engine performance. After the fuel is injected in cylinder, each fuel droplet is heated rapidly and bursts a lot of pieces due to the difference of both boiling points, namely dispersed water in fuel droplets reach boiling point earlier than fuel, so the vaporized water has driving power for bursting fuel droplets. It is called secondary atomization. In order to
more » ... educe toxic emission and improve thermal efficiency, secondary atomization is important for spray combustion. The water content in a water emulsified fuel droplet affects behavior of secondary atomization. However, it is determined empirically. This research focuses on timing and atomization behavior of a water emulsified fuel droplet. Namely, statistical evaluation of a water emulsified fuel droplet is proposed. The test method avoid heat transfer from inside of fuel droplet, because of without suspending wire. This research aims at statistical evaluation to determine suitable water content for practical use of water emulsified fuel.
doi:10.14953/jjsde.2019.2857 fatcat:fvh5ijpvurdflmuhpsnr4g2eze