Visual Monocular 3D Reconstruction and Component Identification for Small Spacecraft [post]

Mark Post, Junquan Li
2018 unpublished
A monocular vision pose estimation and identification algorithm used on a small spacecraft for future orbital servicing is studied in this paper. A tracker spacecraft equipped with a short-range vision system is proposed to recover the 3D structural model of a space target in orbit and automatically identify its solar panels and main body using only visual information from an onboard camera. The proposed reconstruction and identification framework is tested using structure-from-motion and point
more » ... cloud identification methods. The Efficient Perspective-n-Points (EPnP) descriptor is used for pose estimation. Triangulated points are used for component segmentation by means of orientation histogram descriptors. Experimental results based on laboratory images of a spacecraft model show the effectiveness and robustness of our approach.
doi:10.20944/preprints201801.0195.v1 fatcat:m5e5slcl7vawhgb7ymvtg2k2rq