Wing Load and Angle of Attack Identification by Integrating Optical Fiber Sensing and Neural Network Approach in Wind Tunnel Test

Daichi Wada, Masato Tamayama
2019 Applied Sciences  
The load and angle of attack (AoA) for wing structures are critical parameters to be monitored for efficient operation of an aircraft. This study presents wing load and AoA identification techniques by integrating an optical fiber sensing technique and a neural network approach. We developed a 3.6-m semi-spanned wing model with eight flaps and bonded two optical fibers with 30 fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) each along the main and aft spars. Using this model in a wind tunnel test, we demonstrate
more » ... ad and AoA identification through a neural network approach. We input the FBG data and the eight flap angles to a neural network and output estimated load distributions on the eight wing segments. Thereafter, we identify the AoA by using the estimated load distributions and the flap angles through another neural network. This multi-neural-network process requires only the FBG and flap angle data to be measured. We successfully identified the load distributions with an error range of −1.5–1.4 N and a standard deviation of 0.57 N. The AoA was also successfully identified with error ranges of −1.03–0.46° and a standard deviation of 0.38°.
doi:10.3390/app9071461 fatcat:5epz7rkbpregjierdublvrqbly