TheGALEXUltraviolet Variability Catalog

Barry Y. Welsh, Jonathan M. Wheatley, Kenneth Heafield, Mark Seibert, Stanley E. Browne, Samir Salim, R. Michael Rich, Tom A. Barlow, Luciana Bianchi, Yong-Ik Byun, Jose Donas, Karl Forster (+15 others)
2005 Astronomical Journal  
We present Version 1.0 of the NASA Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) ultraviolet variability catalog (GUVV) that contains information on 84 time-variable and transient sources gained with simultaneous near and far ultraviolet photometric observations. These time-variable sources were serendipitously revealed in the various 1.2 degree star fields currently being surveyed by the GALEX satellite in two ultraviolet bands (NUV 1750-2750A, FUV 1350-1750A) with limiting AB magnitudes of 23-25. The
more » ... s of 23-25. The largest-amplitude variable objects presently detected by GALEX are M-dwarf flare stars, which can brighten by 5-10 mag in both the NUV and FUV bands during short duration (< 500s) outbursts. Other types of large-amplitude ultraviolet variable objects include ab-type RR Lyrae stars, which can vary periodically by 2-5mag in the GALEX FUV band. This first GUVV catalog lists galactic positions and possible source identifications in order to provide the astronomical community with a list of time-variable objects that can now be repeatedly observed at other wavelengths. We expect the total number of time-variable source detections to increase as the GALEX mission progresses, such that later version numbers of the GUVV catalog will contain substantially more variable sources.
doi:10.1086/431222 fatcat:of4uexwaozbeffomopsae2olqe