Genetic Variation and Population Structure of Dendropanax morbifera Lev. (Araliaceae) in Korea

S. H. Kim, Y. S. Jang, J. G. Han, H. G. Chung, S.W. Lee, K. J. Cho
2006 Silvae Genetica  
Dendropanax morbifera Lev. (Araliaceae) is an economically important tree species because of its role in the production of golden varnishes as well as its use as an ornamental plant. As an endemic tree species of Korea, it is restricted to the southern parts of Korea as isolated populations. In this study, eight natural populations of D. morbifera were investigated by starch-gel electrophoresis in an attempt to determine the extent of its genetic diversity. Out of 8 natural populations, the
more » ... population in Jeju island showed the lowest level of genetic diversity, while the Wando island population in Jeonnam showed the highest level of genetic diversity. Levels of genetic diversity maintained in D. morbifera (A/L =1.5, P95 = 27.3%, Ho = 0.100, He = 0.095) were notably lower than those of other tree species with wider and more continuous geographic distributions. The reasons for the low level of genetic diversity in D. morbifera might be due to the genetic drift caused by artificial disturbances. Most of the total genetic diversity (96%) was found within the populations. The UPGMA dendrogram based on Nei's genetic distance did not show any particular geographic patterns. The low level of genetic diversity suggested that there should be an urgent emphasis on the conservation study of this species.
doi:10.1515/sg-2006-0002 fatcat:y3eos2q5pzbjpghzb5wrc6j3hy