A Spatial Analysis of Structural Change in West Bengal

Dhiraj Singha
2017 AGU International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities)   unpublished
Here in this paper I will show a structural analysis of space and trying to argue how it is influencing the social space. The first part of the paper is talked about the debate of who is on the base of hierarchy of causation of accumulation, power and social structure of spatial structure. and from it how space can influence on social structure will be shown by taking example of west Bengal. Through this analysis I also tried to look around the myth of structural change by district level
more » ... strict level analysis. Keywords: Mobile space, Power Geometry, Economic space, spatial structure, social structure etc. Studying the structure of phenomena is one of the central concepts of Social Sciences. There are so many scholars or thinkers had done structural analysis. Broadly there can be two kind of structure can be seen, one is social and other one is spatial. In the case of social structure Parsons, Durkheim, Marx, Levi-Strauss, Merton, Weber, Srinivas, Andre Battelle etc. are very important thinker and in the case of spatial structural analysis Christaller, Vonthunen, E.W. Burgess, Weber, Losch, Krugman and obviously Doreen Massey. Blau identifies three major approaches to social structure: (i) social structure as a configuration of social relations and positions, (ii) social structure as the substratum that underlies all of social life and history, and (iii) social structure as a "multidimensional space of the differentiated social positions of the people in a society or other collectivity" (Blau, 1975). In the case of space, Doreen Massey had identified three characterization of space, like (i) that space is the product of relations (including the absence of relations). Space is a complexity of networks, links, exchanges, connections. This leads to the (ii) proposition about the characteristics of space. This is indeed that space is the dimension of multiplicity. Without space as a dimension it would not be possible for there to be multiplicity (in the sense of the simultaneous coexistence of more than one thing). (iii) And following directly on from these first two characteristics, space is always in a process of being made (Doreen Massey, 2009). Now after analysing the both kind of structure, we can understand which is over what. There are so many scholars like Atul Sood