Opto-Mechanical Characterization Of Aspheric Lenses From The Hybrid Method

Aliouane Toufik, Hamdi Amine, Bouzid Djamel
2014 Zenodo  
Aspheric optical components are an alternative to the use of conventional lenses in the implementation of imaging systems for the visible range. Spherical lenses are capable of producing aberrations. Therefore, they are not able to focus all the light into a single point. Instead, aspherical lenses correct aberrations and provide better resolution even with compact lenses incorporating a small number of lenses. Metrology of these components is very difficult especially when the resolution
more » ... he resolution requirements increase and insufficient or complexity of conventional tools requires the development of specific approaches to characterization. This work is part of the problem existed because the objectives are the study and comparison of different methods used to measure surface rays hybrid aspherical lenses.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1094012 fatcat:wmrphnd64jbavhmfzhyrep3jze