Scalable computation of thermomechanical turbomachinery problems [article]

Chris N. Richardson, Nathan Sime, Garth N. Wells
2018 arXiv   pre-print
A commonly held view in the turbomachinery community is that finite element methods are not well-suited for very large-scale thermomechanical simulations. We seek to dispel this notion by presenting performance data for a collection of realistic, large-scale thermomechanical simulations. We describe the necessary technology to compute problems with O(10^7) to O(10^9) degrees-of-freedom, and emphasise what is required to achieve near linear computational complexity with good parallel scaling.
more » ... formance data is presented for turbomachinery components with up to 3.3 billion degrees-of-freedom. The software libraries used to perform the simulations are freely available under open source licenses. The performance demonstrated in this work opens up the possibility of system-level thermomechanical modelling, and lays the foundation for further research into high-performance formulations for even larger problems and for other physical processes, such as contact, that are important in turbomachinery analysis.
arXiv:1804.10060v1 fatcat:2c4sbmv7nne37iyabqunx2u62a