Extraordinary Electron Transmission through a Periodic Array of Quantum Dots

L. S. Petrosyan, A. S. Kirakosyan, T. V. Shahbazyan
2011 Physical Review Letters  
We study electron transmission through a periodic array of quantum dots (QD) sandwiched between doped semiconductor leads. When the Fermi wavelength of tunneling electron exceeds the array lattice constant, the off-resonant per QD conductance is enhanced by several orders of magnitude relative to the single-QD conductance. The physical mechanism of the enhancement is delocalization of a small fraction of system eigenstates caused by coherent coupling of QDs via the electron continuum in the leads.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.107.196802 pmid:22181631 fatcat:2z4bxfrkebg7vla66ovrle7viu