Recent Colorings And Labelings In Topological Coding [article]

Bing Yao
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Topological Coding consists of two different kinds of mathematics: topological structure and mathematical relation. The colorings and labelings of graph theory are main techniques in topological coding applied in asymmetric encryption system. Topsnut-gpws (also, colored graphs) have the following advantages: (1) Run fast in communication networks because they are saved in computer by popular matrices rather than pictures. (2) Produce easily text-based (number-based) strings for encrypt files.
more » ... ) Diversity of asymmetric ciphers, one public-key corresponds to more private-keys, or more public-keys correspond more private-keys. (4) Irreversibility, Topsnut-gpws can generate quickly text-based (number-based) strings with bytes as long as desired, but these strings can not reconstruct the original Topsnut-gpws. (5) Computational security, since there are many non-polynomial (NP-complete, NP-hard) algorithms in creating Topsnut-gpws. (6) Provable security, since there are many mathematical conjectures (open problems) in graph labelings and graph colorings. We are committed to create more kinds of new Topsnut-gpws to approximate practical applications and antiquantum computation, and try to use algebraic method and Topsnut-gpws to establish graphic group, graphic lattice, graph homomorphism etc.
arXiv:2106.15254v1 fatcat:xafgjp2bszbytkt6joeytqupu4