Nickel Cobalt Hydroxides With Tunable Thin-layer Nanosheets for High-performance Supercapacitor Electrode [post]

Luomeng Zhang, Hui Xia, Shaobo Liu, Yishan Zhou, Yuefeng Zhao, Wenke Xie
2021 unpublished
Layered double hydroxides as typical supercapacitor electrode materials can perform superior energy storage if the structures are well regulated. In this work, a simple one-step hydrothermal method is used to prepare diverse nickel cobalt layered double hydroxides (NiCo-LDHs), in which the different contents of urea are used to synthesize the different nanostructures of NiCo-LDHs. The results show that the decrease in urea content can effectively improve the dispersibility of NiCo-LDHs, adjust
more » ... NiCo-LDHs, adjust the thickness of materials and optimize the internal pore structures, thereby enhancing the capacitance performance of NiCo-LDHs. When the content of urea is reduced from 0.03 g to 0.0075 g under a fixed precursor materials mass ratio of nickel (0.06 g) to cobalt (0.02 g) of 3:1, the prepared sample NiCo-LDH-1 exhibits the thickness of 1.62 nm, and the clear thin-layer nanosheets structures and a large number of surface pores are formed, which is beneficial to the transmission of ions into the electrode material. After being prepared as a supercapacitor electrode, the NiCo-LDH-1 displays an ultra-high specific capacitance of 3982.5 F g-1 under the current density of 1 A g-1, and high capacitance retention above 93.6% after 1000 cycles of charging and discharging at a high current density of 10 A g-1. The excellent electrochemical performance of NiCo-LDH-1 is proved by assembling two-electrode asymmetric supercapacitor with carbon spheres, displaying the specific capacitance of 95 F g-1 at 1 A g-1 and the capacitance retention with 78% over 1000 cycles. As a result, it offers a facile way to control the nanostructure of NiCo-LDHs, confirms the important affection of urea on enhancing capacitive performance for supercapacitor electrode and provides the high possibility for the development of high-performance supercapacitors.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:n6apxdl4hvhnjar5iif2otyz5q