Impact of panchratna juice in the management of diabetes mellitus: Fresh vs. processed product

UmaM Iyer, PallaviA Desai, Shonima Venugopal
2010 International Journal of Green Pharmacy  
Many of the plant sources have excellent nutrient and non-nutrient properties which can be exploited to manage clinical conditions. The current study was undertaken to assess the impact of panchratna juice (Amla, Tulsi, Ginger, Mint and Turmeric) in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects. A total of 55 stable type 2 diabetics were enrolled from pathology laboratories and were given either fresh panchratna juice (n = 15) for 45 days or processed panchratna juice (n = 20) for 90 days
more » ... n = 20) for 90 days and compared with diabetic controls (n = 20). Anthropometric profile, glycemic status and lipid profile were assessed on all the subjects at baseline, 45 days and 90 days. Students t test, paired t test and ANOVA were applied using Microsoft Excel. The results indicated that fresh panchratna juice or processed panchratna juice supplementation for long-term did not have any significant impact on the glycemic and lipemic status of diabetic subjects. Thus, the protective effects are lost with processing, and therefore, these plant sources should be consumed in their natural form.
doi:10.4103/0973-8258.63888 fatcat:yvwtpf7uubhgxlmf7kvqdpnsfu