A Review on Ayurvedic perspective of Garbhini Chardi (Vomiting in pregnancy )management

Balasaheb Ganpat Mali
2019 Ayurlog: national journal of research in ayurveda science  
Garbhini Chardi is one among the 8 Garbhopdravas mentioned in Harita Samhitaas. Chardi is mentioned as a disease in all Samhitas. Chardi can be a Vyaktagarbha-Lakshana or a Vyadhi or Updrva in other disease. There is no separate chapter that explain about Garbhini Chardi in details. Aacharya Sushruta explained Vyakta Garbha Lakshanas as vomiting without apparent cause, aversion from good smells, salivation and tiredness etc. Aacharya Charaka and Vagbhata also mentioned vomiting as Vyakta Garbha
more » ... ng as Vyakta Garbha Lakshana. Aacharya Charaka has compared pregnant women with Taila Purna Patra which can spill of even by small disturbances hence seeking proper attention. Pregnancy vomiting should be treated by providing agreeable attendance and desired articles, in other words if the woman is given desired fruits, edibles, drinkables and lickables etc. She will not eject them, besides other management should be done considering relative dominance of different Doshas.
doi:10.52482/ayurlog.v7i05.434 fatcat:urgcy2ih45c2bkgcf4g32tbfz4