Beam Dynamics for the MAX IV Transverse Deflecting Cavity Beamline

Neven Blaskovic Kraljevic, Lennart Isaksson, Erik Mansten, Sara Thorin, McIntosh, Peter (Ed.), Burt, Graeme (Ed.), Apsimon, Robert (Ed.), Schaa, Volker R.W. (Ed.)
The MAX IV 3 GeV linac delivers electron beams to two synchrotron rings and to a dedicated undulator system for X-ray beam delivery in the Short Pulse Facility (SPF). In addition, there are plans to use the linac as an injector for a future Soft X-ray Laser (SXL). For both SPF and SXL operations, longitudinal beam characterisation with a high temporal resolution is essential. For this purpose, a transverse deflecting cavity (TDC) system has been developed and is being installed in a dedicated
more » ... ectron beamline branch located downstream of the 3 GeV linac. This beamline consists of two consecutive 3 m long transverse S-band RF structures, followed by a variable vertical deflector dipole magnet used as an energy spectrometer. This conference contribution presents the beam dynamics calculations for the beam transport along the TDC beamline, and in particular the optics configurations for slice emittance and slice energy spread measurements. The operation of an analysis algorithm for use in the control room is discussed. The aim is to provide 1 fs temporal measurement resolution to access the bunch duration of highly compressed bunches and slice parameters for sub-10-fs bunches.
doi:10.18429/jacow-linac2022-tupori12 fatcat:tfolutof6zeptc5t44nvtwsabm