Extraction of Green Coloring Matter from Coffee

1879 Scientific American  
e.EWll:MBER fi'l, 1879. SCIENTU'llJ .alVIERICAN �lTPPLEMENT, No. 199, 8057 �--�================: ========== ==== ================�========== -:=== == == == == == = efte leaves. This difference. however, is easily explained; i ON THE SIZE OF MOLECULES-\ The fi xed grisometer (Fig. 2) is adapted for measuring in the leaves the green matter is united with the parenchyma I larger quantities of air. A is the graduated 1;uOO, B the palby the aid of capillary affinity, and this union or combina-
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09061879-3057esupp fatcat:shzmeca4drdt5aufbo2allojwu