L Nigul
Investigations on the nutritional value of Triticale and barley in the diets for pigs. The chemical composition of Triticale and barley produced in Estonia was determined and used in the experiments with pigs. Average content of crude protein in Triticale samples (n=4) was 10.95% and 11.03% in the barley. The content of crude fibre was 2.30% and 5.30%, respectively. In the first experiment fattening performance was improved when barley was replaced partly or fully with Triticale in the diet.
more » ... reased level of Triticale in the diet for finishers proportionally decreased the fattening performance, however, did not affect the carcass quality. In the second experiment, where 50% of the barley in the diet was replaced with Triticale, fattening performance of weaners was affected significantly. The performance was even more worsened when barley was totally replaced with Triticale. Feeding weaners with the diet containing 15% of Triticale had similar performance data compared to barley-based diet. In the third experiment the diet containing 20% of Triticale worsened fattening performance of weaners compared to barley-based diet.