Placental Angiogenic Factors Genes Expression in Preeclampsia: Analysis of Severity Association

Amal A. Mansour, Mai M. Nabil, Ahmed R. Mohamed
2015 International Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The study aimed at the evaluation of angiogenic factors genes, such as Transforming Growth Factor-β3 (TGF-β3) and Urotensin II receptor (UT) genes expression in the placental tissue of women suffering from mild and severe preeclampsia as predictive tests for the progression of preeclampsia. Qualitative and semiquantitative RT-PCR was done for UT receptor and TGF-β3 genes in total 75 placental tissue samples from 50 women with PE (25 with severe PE and 25 with mild PE) and 25 normal pregnant
more » ... n used as a control group. Both markers increased in the PE group than normo-tensive pregnant (p#0.01). There was a significant association between both TGF-β3 and UT positivity and the severe PE (p#0.01). The UT and TGF-β3 expression in PE was highly associated with the severity of the PE (p#0.01) which suggests them as PE severity biomarkers. The combination between them increased their significance (74% sensitivity with absolute specificity). Women with preeclampsia have high UT levels that are directly related to TGF-β3 and can be considered to play an important role in preeclampsia progression that may have prognostic and therapeutic impacts on these patients.
doi:10.3923/ijbc.2015.21.29 fatcat:pvyvm42s4nghjnkvvazngfxyjq