Dynamic Process Migration Based on Block Access Patterns Occurring in Storage Servers

Jianwei Liao, François Trahay, Guoqiang Xiao
2016 ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)  
An emerging trend in developing large and complex applications on today's high performance computers is to couple independent components into a comprehensive application. The components may employ the global file system to exchange their data when executing the application. In order to reduce the time required for I/O data exchange and data transfer in the coupled systems or other applications, this paper proposes a dynamic process migration mechanism on the basis of block access pattern
more » ... ity for utilizing the local file cache to exchange the data. We first introduce the scheme of block access counting diagram, to profile the process access pattern during a time period on the storage server. Next, we propose an algorithm that compare the access patterns of processes running on different computing nodes.. At last, processes are migrated in order to group processes with similar access patterns. Consequently, the processes on the computing node can exchange their data by accessing the local file cache, instead of the global file system. The experimental results show that the proposed process migration mechanism can reduce the execution time required by the application because of the shorter I/O time, as well as yield attractive I/O throughput. In summary, this dynamic process migration technique can work fairly well for distributed applications whose data dependency rely on distributed file systems.
doi:10.1145/2899002 fatcat:kcltvgnik5fspfg6q5quht53au