Multi-layer Point Merge System for dynamically controlling arrivals on parallel runways

Man Liang, Daniel Delahaye, Mohammed Sbihi, Ji Ma
2016 2016 IEEE/AIAA 35th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)  
In order to efficiently and robustly land more aircraft on two parallel runways, search the conflict-free and lessdelay reroute for arrival aircraft, we plan to control arrival aircraft with a novel trajectory operation model named Multi-layer Point Merge System (ML-PM). In this paper, firstly the notional example of ML-PM system is introduced, the characteristics of its horizontal and vertical profiles are described. Secondly, according to the availabilities on two parallel runways, the
more » ... ns of aircraft on sequencing legs, a trajectory reroute model is built. After that, the geometric relations for conflict detection in merging zones are analyzed in details. Furthermore, two tests with runway re-assignment on and off are compared to study the performances of proposed ML-PM system, the numerical results have shown that: 1) both tests could generate conflict-free trajectories, 2) average delay, average landing interval, and makes-pan could be reduced by runway re-assignment. The relative improvement for average delay is 36.36%, for make-span and average landing interval is 1.35% and 1.36% respectively. However, the average flight time, flight distance, fuel consumption and co2 emission will increase due to runway re-assignment, the relative increases are 13.49%, 1.11%, 13.49% and 13.49%, respectively. After that, a detailed study about the runway assignment is done, the changes of different indicators are analyzed. Finally, the conclusion is made, ML-PM system shows a very positive ability to dynamically control arrival flows to land on parallel runways.
doi:10.1109/dasc.2016.7778098 fatcat:a2vutvvfizauvbw25pv3faoyjq