The effect of inactivation of calcium channels by intracellular Ca2+ ions in the bursting pancreatic β-cells

Teresa Ree Chay
1987 Cell Biophysics  
Based on recently determined ionic channel properties, a simple theoretical model for the burst activity of the pancreatic 6-cell is formulated in this paper. The model contains an inward voltage-activated Ca 2 + current which is inactivated by intracellular calcium ions and an outward K + current that is activated by the membrane potential. The probability of opening of the channel gates is represented by Boltzmann equations. Our model is applicable in a regime where an ATP-blockable K +
more » ... l is inhibited. In this regime, glucose is 9 2+ -Index Entries: Calcium channels, effect of inactivation; effect in bursting pancreatic 13-cells.
doi:10.1007/bf02797114 pmid:2450671 fatcat:ny6n3edtcndrjl7l26ni2bexu4