Magnetic Compensation of Magnetic Noises Related to Aircraft's Maneuvers in Airborne Survey

R. W. Groom, Ruizhong Jia, Bob Lo
2004 Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems 2004   unpublished
For a variety of applications, magnetic data is collected from airborne platforms. Normally, this data is collected with sensors that measure the total field or amplitude of the magnetic vector data. New generations of optically pumped sensors are extremely sensitive with their sensitivity quoted often in picoteslas. At present, some new instrumentation is also attempting to measure high accuracy vector data. Despite the accuracy of modern sensors and data acquisition systems, the noise of the
more » ... lying platform is still one of the limiting factors in obtaining highly accurate data. The aircraft or helicopter itself emanates magnetic signals. These signals are due to a number of factors including induced fields due to magnetically susceptible materials and permanent magnetic materials on the platforms as well as both induced electromagnetic signals and electromagnetic signals generated either by electrical systems or moving parts such as rotors. This subject of this paper are problems and techniques related to removing the effects of the moving platform as well as attempts to study the subject with the use of simulated data.
doi:10.4133/1.2923247 fatcat:7367oi2bxjea3bdvyho7n3mq7a