Flammability tests on D0 Run II muon PDT Gas and P-10 Gas [report]

Herman F. Haggerty, James L. Priest and Tom Marshall
2001 unpublished
We have done a series of measurements with mixtures of Argon, CF4 and CH4 to demonstrate that the mixture chosen for Runll (84%Argon, 8%CH4, 8%CF4) is not flammable. The tests were conducted in the Meson Detector Building in a test cell similar in construction to a cell of a Muon PDT. In order to establish the viability of our test set-up, we first repeated the demonstration that P-10 gas (90% Argon, 10% CH4) is in fact flammable, contrary to the classification by the U.S. DOT. U.S.DOT
more » ... T. U.S.DOT regulation 173.115 defines "flammable gas" as: (1) Is ignitable (at 14.7 psi) when in a mixture of 13% or less with air: or (2) Has a flammability range (at 14.7 psi) with air of at least 12% regardless of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).
doi:10.2172/782881 fatcat:k3bvv2bpmfdefcl47e2h3zssz4