Integrating UML and UPPAAL for designing, specifying and verifying component-based real-time systems

André L. N. Muniz, Aline M. S. Andrade, George Lima
2009 Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering  
A new tool for integrating formal methods, particularly model checking, in the development process of component-based real-time systems specified in UML is proposed. The described tool, TANGRAM (Tool for Analysis of Diagrams), performs automatic translation from UML diagrams into timed automata, which can be verified by the UPPAAL model checker. We focus on the CORBA Component Model. We demonstrate the overall process of our approach, from system design to verification, using a simple but real
more » ... pplication, used in train control systems. Also, a more complex case study regarding train control systems is described.
doi:10.1007/s11334-009-0103-6 fatcat:o3q6ndw4ajddjgkv63tedfioou