Indonesian English Teachersr Language Attitude towards the English Language

Jepri Ali Saiful, Pratomo Widodo
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference of Communication Science Research (ICCSR 2018)   unpublished
Language attitude study has proved vital to unveil the acceptance of indigenous people towards foreign language (FL). Unfortunately, empirical grounds exist to show that limited attentions scrutinize the FL attitude of Indonesian English teachers towards the English language. Ergo there has been a lack of knowledge on the extent to which Indonesian English teachers perceive their language of expertise. Hence, this overarching goal of this study is to address this emerging gap. This study was to
more » ... . This study was to investigate language attitude of Indonesian English teachers towards the English language and the difference between male and female teachers' language attitude. The participants were 82 Indonesian English teachers from the Special Region of Yogyakarta province, Indonesia who consisted of 41 males and 41 females. A questionnaire on English language attitude was used as an instrument to collect the data. The data analysis was the descriptive statistics and t-test. This study revealed that the language attitude of Indonesian English teachers towards the English language was very favorable. In other words, Indonesian English teachers had positive acceptance towards their language of expertise. Importantly, this study extended our knowledge that there was no significant difference on English language attitude between male and female Indonesian English teachers. This indicated that gender was not always become a factor that could differentiate or determine the state of individual's language attitude. It was a motivation to learn target language and the influence of printed and electronic media and region of living might affect this state of very favorable English language attitude of Indonesian English teachers.
doi:10.2991/iccsr-18.2018.10 fatcat:wifvdimxi5aubdk2r3edhwyzba