Analysis and Performance Optimization of Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine using Canola Oil Based Biodiesel

2020 Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment  
ANOVA Brake Power Brake Thermal Efficiency Canola Based Biodiesel Taguchi Method Variable Compression Ratio Engine A B S T R A C T Rapid development of the global economy demands huge amount of Energy. Transportation sector contributes major part of economy development. Fossil fuels like Petrol and Diesel are used for transportation and heavy duty vehicles. Higher rate of consumption of these naturally available fuels leads to its depletion and deterioration of environment. To solve such issue
more » ... o solve such issue many researchers are interested in identifying and using alternative fuels for internal combustion engines. Biodiesel is renewable fuel and can be used as alternative fuel for Diesel engines. In present work Canola oil based Biodiesel (COB) is blended in Diesel with different concentration like B20, B40 and B60. Engine input variables like compression ratio (13:1, 15:1, 17:1) and load (4, 8,12kg) are considered to optimize the results. The Performance of Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) Diesel Engine is evaluated using Taguchi method. Analysis of variance is conducted to recognise the significance of input variables on Brake Thermal Efficiency, Brake power Specific Fuel Consumption. Results of optimization showed that load is the most crucial factor which affects the engine performance i.e. Increase in load decrease the Brake Thermal Efficiency, Brake Power and increases the Specific Fuel Consumption.
doi:10.5829/ijee.2020.11.01.02 fatcat:zj3dmcfgtbgk5psdhondxvloaq