Ultra-Broadband Dispersion-Manipulated Dielectric Metalenses by Nonlinear Dispersive Phase Compensation [post]

Yueqiang Hu, Yuting Jinag, Yi Zhang, Jiajie Lai, Peng He, Xiangnian Ou, Ling Li, Huigao Duan
2022 unpublished
Dispersion decomposes compound light into monochromatic components at different spatial locations, which needs to be eliminated in imaging but utilized in spectral detection. Metasurfaces provide a unique path to modulate the dispersion by adjusting the structural parameters without changing the material as required for refractive elements. However, the common linear phase compensation does not conform to the dispersion characteristics of the meta-unit, which limits the dispersion modulation in
more » ... broader wavelength bands. Here, we propose a nonlinear dispersive phase compensation approach to design polarization-insensitive achromatic metalenses from 400 nm to 1000 nm constructed with single-layer high aspect ratio nanostructures. This band matches the response spectrum of a typical CMOS sensor for both visible and near-infrared imaging applications without additional lens replacement. Moreover, the capability of the approach in achieving arbitrary dispersion modulation is demonstrated for potential applications such as chromatography imaging and spectral detection.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1237605/v1 fatcat:234krmacyjcotp4ei6lwnphssi