American Industries—No. 65

1881 Scientific American  
t i tut i f i t !tutt i tatr� 99 whether the hydrostatic test was sufficient alone, or whether own waters or those of any other country. Tbe distinguish-our fleet of pleasure vessels. The plan view in the front the bam mer test was not a neQessary adjunct to the hydro-ing feature of the Herreshoff system of marine steam ma-page engraving shows the arrangement of tbe interior of static one, some indeed claiming that tbe bammer test alone chinery, is tbe safety coil boiler, which has been brought
more » ... to one of these yacl1ts so accurately that no further description is more reliable tban the hydrostatic test. In this city the great per fection and paten ted by the Herreshoff Brothers, is required.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02121881-99 fatcat:qjm4jbd4wzbgvfeloqpyjyktua