A high carrier injection terahertz quantum cascade laser based on indirectly pumped scheme

S. G. Razavipour, E. Dupont, C. W. I. Chan, C. Xu, Z. R. Wasilewski, S. R. Laframboise, Q. Hu, D. Ban
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
A Terahertz quantum cascade laser with a rather high injection coupling strength based on an indirectly pumped scheme is designed and experimentally implemented. To effectively suppress leakage current, the chosen quantum cascade module of the device is based on a five-well GaAs=Al 0:25 Ga 0:75 As structure. The device lases up to 151 K with a lasing frequency of 2.67 THz. This study shows that the effect of higher energy states in carrier transport and the long-range tunnel coupling between
more » ... coupling between states that belong to non-neighbouring modules have to be considered in quantum design of structures with a narrow injector barrier. Moreover, the effect of interface roughness scattering between the lasing states on threshold current is crucial. V C 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.
doi:10.1063/1.4862177 fatcat:aeak6rvdpzaupifbzgq4y3krbq