NS Open Strings with B Fields and Their Interactions with NS Closed Strings

A. Kokado, G. Konisi, T. Saito
2002 Progress of theoretical physics  
We consider interactions of a NS open string with first important states of a NS closed string, i.e., a closed-string tachyon and a graviton, where both ends of the NS open string are attached on a D-brane, and a constant background B field is lying along directions parallel to the D-brane world volume. Contrary to general expectations, there are no constraints on these vertex operators coming from the B field. However, we point out that these vertex operators have singularities at both ends of
more » ... ies at both ends of the NS open string when external momenta take some values. These kinds of singularities essentially come from the Dirichlet boundary conditions along directions transverse to the D-brane world volume.
doi:10.1143/ptp.107.1235 fatcat:ua7kd4vduneevernbnfipzs5va