Comparison of Simulation-Only vs. Simulation + Live Training in Paracentesis

Gaetan Sgro, Monique Kelly, Ruth Preisner
2021 Patient Safety  
Several studies have examined the effects of simulation and live training experiences on abdominal paracentesis skills, but no study has examined the durability of such training or compared skills retention between the simulation-only and hybrid training approaches. Methods A subset of internal medicine residents who participated in simulation-based training in abdominal paracentesis were assigned to an additional, live training experience. Procedural knowledge and skill were assessed following
more » ... initial training and at six months, and compared between groups. Results Complete data was available for 29 out of 37 residents who received simulation-only training and 18 out of 23 who received simulation plus live training. There were no statistical differences in procedural skills scores at either point in time. The simulation plus live training group achieved a higher mean score on the knowledge test at six months (p=0.006). Conclusions Simulation-based training is sufficient for achieving initial mastery in abdominal paracentesis, but not for maintaining paracentesis skills at six months in the absence of structured, maintenance training. The addition of a live training experience to complement the simulation training was not sufficient to prevent skills decline.
doi:10.33940/med/2021.9.5 fatcat:ptmja7doazfvjhmpwnuqwlseeq