The Impact of Coordination by a Child Abuse Committee on Community Services to Battered Children [report]

Grace Anders
2000 unpublished
nity Services to Battered Children. The Child Abuse Committee at the University of Oregon Medical School has assumed a coordinating role as an attempt to provide more effective service to abused children and their fud11es. This research report is a follow up to a 1970 study by Matusak which evaluated the effectiveness of the CoDDittee. The Matusak study seemed to indicate that,' because of Committee action resulting in appropriate intervention and services, def inite improvement 1n the
more » ... ent 1n the s1tuat10n of the children in the study was seen. This study follows the children from the 1970 study one year later and makes further comparisons of child abuse c~e8 seen at the hospital in 1971. The results of this study fail to support the Matusak findings. A decreased percentage of children in the 1970 study group have maintained their level of improvement one year later and an even lower percentage ~f the 1971 study group are improved. More children have been left in their own homes than in 1970 but there is little to indicate that the family functions any more adequately than at the time of abuse. The findings seem to reflect a need for reevaluation of management and treatment prac tices in child ahuse cases. It appears that responsibility and authority for coordination should be placed with a Single agency and that more specialized services be provided by experienced statf.
doi:10.15760/etd.1728 fatcat:mnbbvzs4grc33odpd3rs5q5lfe