Evaluation of the new method Vdip for an earth fault location [article]

David Topolanek, Petr Toman, Viktor Jurak, Michal Jurík, Jan Jiricka, Jiří Drápela, University, My, University, My
The paper presents results from the first application of the new method "Vdip" for an earth fault location. The Vdip method is based on evaluation of the change of negative sequence voltage recorded on LV side of distribution transformers as described in the European patent EP2940483 (Evaluation method for determining of the probability of an asymmetrical fault location in a distribution network and a monitoring system for performing such method). The fault records obtained from fifteen
more » ... rom fifteen experimental tests in real compensated distribution 22 kV system were utilized as inputs for Vdip method. The main aim of the paper is to evaluate potential of the Vdip method in real systems and to determine its accuracy in the fault localization during different types of earth faults e.g. intermittent/arcing fault, low-impedance and 200 Ω - 1,2 kΩ resistance earth faults for two configurations of the MV network.
doi:10.34890/522 fatcat:vlxjbwagivezreteuj2c2xtwnm