A suspended nanogap formed by field-induced atomically sharp tips

Jun Hyun Han, Kyung Song, Shankar Radhakrishnan, Sang Ho Oh, Chung Hoon Lee
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
A sub-nanometer scale suspended gap (nanogap) defined by electric field-induced atomically sharp metallic tips is presented. A strong local electric field (>10 9 V=m) across micro/nanomachined tips facing each other causes the metal ion migration in the form of dendrite-like growth at the cathode. The nanogap is fully isolated from the substrate eliminating growth mechanisms that involve substrate interactions. The proposed mechanism of ion transportation is verified using real-time imaging of
more » ... he metal ion transportation using an in situ biasing in transmission electron microscope (TEM). The configuration of the micro/nanomachined suspended tips allows nanostructure growth of a wide variety of materials including metals, metal-oxides, and polymers.
doi:10.1063/1.4764562 fatcat:5nohwa7o4zeoncej52bc5wr52q