Improved Set Pair Analysis and Its Application to Environmental Impact Evaluation of Dam Break

Meimei Wu, Wei Ge, Zongkun Li, Zening Wu, Hexiang Zhang, Juanjuan Li, Yipeng Pan
2019 Water  
Despite the rapid development of risk analysis in dam engineering, there is a relative absence of research on the environmental impact of dam break. As a systematic theory, set pair analysis has a good effect in dealing with uncertainties, although the result is relatively rough and easy to distort. A connection degree of five grades and a generalized set of potential are introduced to improve traditional set pair analysis. Combined with the index system, the evaluation model of the
more » ... l impact of dam break is established, which is based on generalized set pair analysis. Taking Sheheji Reservoir dam as an example, a comparison of evaluation results of fuzzy mathematics theory and generalized set pair analysis is made, which verifies the scientificity and practicability of the method proposed in this paper. The results show that the evaluation grade of the environmental impact of dam break at Sheheji Reservoir is serious, and appropriate management measures should be taken to reduce the risk.
doi:10.3390/w11040821 fatcat:zckslvqztrfffcwh62chf337q4