Generator Design Considering Mover Action to Improve Energy Conversion Efficiency in a Free-Piston Engine Generator

Mitsuhide Sato, Shoma Irie, Jianping Zheng, Tsutomu Mizuno, Fumiya Nishimura, Kaname Naganuma
2021 Electronics  
In a free-piston engine generator (FPEG), the power of the engine can be directly regenerated by linear generators without a crank. The mover motion of this system is interrelated with engine and power generation efficiencies due to the direct connection between the mover of the generator and the piston of the engine. The generator should be designed to improve the overall energy conversion efficiency. The dimensions and mass of the mover limit its operating stroke and drive frequency. Herein,
more » ... e propose a method for designing linear generators and constructing FPEG systems, considering the mover operation to improve engine efficiency. We evaluated the effect of mover operation on the engine and generation efficiencies using thermal and electromagnetic field analysis software. The proposed design method improves the overall energy conversion efficiency compared with a generator that considers only the maximization of generation efficiency. Setting the mover operation for higher engine efficiency and designing a linear generator to realize the operation can effectively improve the energy conversion efficiency of FPEGs.
doi:10.3390/electronics10172142 doaj:c4da0ba8525f44c9a4ec4ee0f018976e fatcat:tq5k2xxcwrh4lpjmwtczj5jfpa