Numerical simulation of 2D granular particles and its analyses by means of the micropolar fluid model

Kohei Takechi, Kyo Yoshida, Toshihico Arimitsu
2012 Open Physics  
AbstractNumerical simulations of two-dimensional granular flows under uniform mean shear and external body torque were performed following the setting of the authors' previous study [10]. Convergence of the stresses with the increase of coarse-graining length is investigated. Difference R between vorticity field and spin field is controlled by the external torque and the stresses for the region R > 0 is obtained as well as those for R < 0. The symmetry of the stresses under the change of the
more » ... he change of the sign of R is discussed.
doi:10.2478/s11534-012-0036-9 fatcat:2lapkc7ppbhnvprnzu5f5vqqre