Improving efficiency of chemical processing in strip-tilled row crops

Marina V Meznikova, Ivan B Borisenko, Ekaterina I Ulybina, Olga V Boyarkina
2019 RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries  
When growing crop products, it is important to use an integrated approach at the stages of planning technological operations and developing technical means for their implementation. In this case, the best result is achieved when coordinating operations on mechanical and chemical tillage, which provides for the protection and nutrition of plants. Along with this, it is important to consider following the applied technology to environmental principles, since agriculture directly affects the
more » ... y affects the environment of our planet. Resource-saving technologies help preserve nature for future generations, restore natural fertility and take care of economic well-being. For row crops, the use of Strip-till technology is recommended. This requires 20...30% of all costs to direct to chemical treatment. Obviously, a decrease in the chemical effect on the soil during the transition to strip technology is necessary, and the introduced chemical should be redirected strictly to the target. A technical solution for the adaptation of serial sprayers is proposed, which consists of the use of strip spraying with the ability to accurately add and redistribute the working solution to the objects of influence, considering stage of plant development. This allows to reduce hectare application rates and stress of cultivated plants, and to save money on chemical processing. In addition, it also helps to solve environmental problems by reducing the chemical load on the soil. The proposed approach and technical solution make it possible to supplement the complex of machines for mechanical tillage in the framework of strip technology and reduce the chemical load on the biosphere.
doi:10.22363/2312-797x-2019-14-4-453-465 fatcat:fwx2oycfvvgudjj4oxikcqtx3q