Effect of Different Manurial Practices on Nutrient Availability at Different Growth Stages under SRI Method of Rice Planting

Sowmya Pogula, K.K. Rout
2018 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
The field experiment was conducted during kharif and rabi season of 2106 to study the effect of different manurial practices on soil microbial activity under SRI method of rice planting. The field experiment was laid out in Randomized block design with 8 treatments replicated thrice. The treatments include incorporation of 100%RD (80:40:40 N:P 2 O 5 :K 2 O Kg/ha) with 10tFYM/ha in T1, 100%RD with 5tFYM /ha, green manure and biofertilizer in T2, 75% RDF with Nimin + FYM 10t /ha in T3, 75% RDF
more » ... h Nimin + FYM 5t/ha + Green Manuring + Biofertilizer inT4, STBR (soil test based fertilizer recommendation) with 10t FYM/ha in T5, STBR with 5tFYM/ha, green manure and biofertilizer in T6, 100%RD in T7 and 100% organic in T8. The results revealed that treatment treated with STBR with 5tFYM/ha, green manure and biofertilizer showed best result and highest found during active tillering in nutrient availability in all treatments and also showed increase in microbial population and enzyme activity during panicle initiation in all the treatments. K e y w o r d s Active tillering,
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2018.705.326 fatcat:gjfcoyl7mfe5dgtdmpa32437xe