Measurement-device-independent quantum coin tossing

Liangyuan Zhao, Zhenqiang Yin, Shuang Wang, Wei Chen, Hua Chen, Guangcan Guo, Zhengfu Han
2015 Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics  
Quantum coin tossing (QCT) is an important primitive of quantum cryptography and has received continuous interest. However, in practical QCT, Bob's detectors can be subjected to detector-side channel attacks launched by dishonest Alice, which will possibly make the protocol completely insecure. Here, we report a simple strategy of a detector-blinding attack based on a recent experiment. To remove all the detector side channels, we present a solution of measurement-device-independent QCT
more » ... ). This method is similar to the idea of MDI quantum key distribution (QKD). MDI-QCT is loss tolerant with single-photon sources and has the same bias as the original loss-tolerant QCT under a coherent attack. Moreover, it provides the potential advantage of doubling the secure distance for some special cases. Finally, MDI-QCT can also be modified to fit the weak coherent-state sources. Thus, based on the rapid development of practical MDI-QKD, our proposal can be implemented easily.
doi:10.1103/physreva.92.062327 fatcat:rqyecpyjibgnjaqfanf7e4xunm