Abstract - nonlinear propagation of electromagnetic waves in magnetoplasmas. 2

M.S. Sodha, C.J. Palumbo
1965 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section D Radio Science  
In this communication the author s h ave inves tiga ted t he n onlinear prop agation of an electromagnetic wave a t an arbitr ary angle to the direction of the magnetic fi eld in a plasma . The a uthors h ave derived an expression for the complex conducti \rity tensor of a L or entzian m agnetoplasma, which is correct to terms in vol vi ng the square of the amplitude of the electric vector . This expression, along with the wave equation, h as b een used to a nalyze two specific problems, viz,
more » ... ic problems, viz, the prop agation of a n elec tromag netic wa ve in an infinite m a nge toplas ma a nd r eflection a nd r efrac tion at the interface of a nonlinear mag netoplasma a nd a linear isotrop ic medium. (P ap er 69Dl-448) · T he full paper has beeu published in Cau.
doi:10.6028/jres.069d.022 fatcat:df6dxbc3ovhdzp55ddkiqef4e4