Pseudo force acting between bodies

Abhinav Ray Baruah, Anish Deva, Arun Sarma
2016 Results in Physics  
It has been shown that a non-contact force acts between two macroscopic physical objects held close together, which is not associated with the gravitational and electrostatic force. An experiment was conducted with objects of different mass, material and geometry to find the magnitude and properties of this apparent or pseudo force. The order of magnitude was found to be 10 À5 and it remained constant for all types of objects while only the coefficient increased as the distance between the
more » ... ts reduced. It only started acting at small distances and failed to make a body move if it experienced static friction from any contact surface. The nature of the force was found to be attractive as well as repulsive. Due to gravitation being a solely attractive force, it was eliminated as a possible reason for the pseudo force. The experiment was performed twice, once by grounding the apparatus and then again without grounding. The order of the force remained the same for both cases. As the test objects were held by hand, they were grounded through the human body. Also, none of the objects used were in contact with each other for the duration of this work, preventing any contact electrification. Due to these factors, the force was not considered electrostatic in nature.
doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2016.05.009 fatcat:omgcrnu37fafrgrl3h6keruc2y