Note on the newly observedY(4220)resonance

R. Faccini, G. Filaci, A. L. Guerrieri, A. Pilloni, A. D. Polosa
2015 Physical Review D  
BES III Collaboration has recently observed a vector resonance in the chi_c0 omega channel, at a mass of about 4220 MeV, named Y(4220). Hints of a similar structure appear in the h_c pi+ pi- channel. We find that the two observations are likely due to the same state, which we identify with one of the expected diquark-antidiquark resonances with orbital quantum number L = 1. This assignment fulfills heavy quark spin conservation. The measured branching fractions ratio into chi_c0 omega and h_c
more » ... + pi- is compatible with the prediction for such a tetraquark state.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.91.117501 fatcat:ue3lyezcd5eipnfezi3ome5y4u